Control Allergies with These Six Tips for House Cleaning in Tampa, FL

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Spring offers a needed respite from winter rain, but with it comes allergies. The increased pollen in the air makes allergy sufferers resume sneezing after winter colds are a distant memory. You can control your symptoms and those of your household members by keeping up with house cleaning in Tampa, FL. Here are six tips to control allergens in your home and improve indoor air quality:

  • Vacuum: Homes with allergy sufferers should be vacuumed at least once a week, and twice if possible. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter so you catch more allergens. Otherwise, the smaller pollens and irritants will go right through the filter and back into the air. If you have pets, attempt to vacuum two or three times a week, since dander and loose hair will irritate allergy sufferers even if they are not necessarily allergic to animals.
  • Reduce clutter: Piles of magazines, CDs and excess decorations that you barely enjoy attract dust. They also make cleaning more difficult and time-consuming, so if you can reduce it, do it. Be careful with stacks of boxes or piles of clothing, too. These attract dust mites and cockroaches, which also make allergies miserable. We already have enough trouble with cockroaches in Florida, and they certainly do not need the encouragement!
  • Control mold: Bathrooms are notorious mold magnets. Clean tile regularly, and do not forget the shower curtain. Purchase shower curtains that can go in the washer, and if that is not possible, replace them every three to six months. Use a squeegee on glass shower doors and tile walls to control moisture accumulation better. Also, make sure every bathroom with a shower has an operating fan. In this humid climate, mold is always a possibility, and it takes work to prevent it.
  • Use your clothes dryer: Air-drying is tempting because the sun has disinfectant qualities and you save on your utility bill. But unfortunately, you can also make allergy sufferers more miserable. Clothes drying outside pick up pollen and can add skin reactions to the usual sinus symptoms. We all want to save money and take more ecological approaches to life, but this idea never works well with allergies.
  • Clean entryways: Sweep or vacuum outside your entrances. Not only will your front door present better without excess dirt or dead vegetation, but this reduces dust and allergens tracked into your home, too. If you have asthma sufferers in your household, this precaution also helps them in terms of indoor air quality.
  • Use scentless products: Cleaners with strong smells often irritate those with allergies and other respiratory issues. Use fragrance-free products, or those that are only lightly scented. Vinegar and water works well for most cleaning tasks and will not irritate your household. If you hire us to clean for you, let us know if there are any chemical sensitivities, and we will adjust products for you accordingly.

Professional house cleaning in Tampa, FL makes maintaining your home much easier during allergy season. Call A-1 Maid Service, Inc. today to schedule an estimate and a consultation.

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