Deep Carpet Cleaning in Tampa, FL

carpet cleanersNo matter where your carpet is installed, it’s bound to get dirty sooner or later. Even with light foot traffic, carpet is a haven for bacteria, microbes and other unseen pathogens that come to rest on it and become trapped in the fibers. Your carpet might look pristine, but what your eyes can’t see could be detracting from your living or working environment.

The solution to preventing carpet from becoming a detriment to your surroundings is to invest in carpet cleaning in Tampa, FL. Not only does a professional, deep-clean absolve your carpet of things that might be lurking in its fibers, it can also preserve the color, extend its life and add subtle freshness to the room!


When to Clean?

When should you start thinking about calling a carpet cleaning service in Tampa, FL to address your carpets? Here’s a quick, helpful guide that you can use for benchmarks:

  • For heavy traffic or commercial carpeting, it’s recommended that you have your carpets deep-cleaned professionally once a month. Some carpets can be cleaned quarterly, depending on the types of carpet fibers.
  • For moderate-traffic areas, quarterly carpet cleanings are recommended. For some types of fibers, bi-annual cleanings may be enough.
  • For low-traffic areas, bi-annual or once-a-year cleanings should suffice.

The above recommendations don’t take into consideration type of carpet fibers or environmental elements (potential for stains, pets, etc.). The best thing to do is to have a professional at A-1 Maid Service, Inc. inspect your carpeting to see if it’s due for a deep clean.

Remember, daily vacuuming and spot cleaning can also help to preserve carpeting between professional cleanings!


Get Carpet Cleaning Today

For more information about professional carpet cleaning or to get in touch with a professional who can help you clean and maintain your carpeting now and for the future, call A-1 Maid Service, Inc. today at 813-949-9295!