Six Most Commonly Missed Spaces to Clean in Your Office

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Office spaces in your business get dirty very quickly when there are a lot of people visiting and working on the premises. If your staff is busy, a thorough cleaning of cubicles, bathrooms and other office spaces are a lot less likely to occur unless you hire a cleaning service in Tampa, FL. Even if employees make a point to clean every once in a while, there are likely a few spots that they’ll miss.

There are a number of places in offices that get overlooked during everyday cleanings. These spaces can accumulate a lot of dust and grime, so it’s important to have a cleaning service in Tampa, FL thoroughly clean them to make sure your space is clean and a healthy environment for your employees and customers. Here are six of the most commonly missed spaces to clean in your office:

  • Under chairs and desks: Even if the tops of desks and chairs are wiped down, the undersides are often overlooked. Dust and spider webs easily accumulate in the undersides of tables, desks and chairs, so it’s important to wipe these areas down. Additionally, crumbs from food or dirt from shoes can get stuck in the corners under desks.
  • Computers and printers: Office equipment such as computers or printers accumulate a lot of dust, especially on the back sides where people don’t look very often. Cleaning these spaces prevents extra dust from being in the air and helps maintain proper airflow and functionality of these electronic devices.
  • Telephones: Telephones are a breeding ground for bacteria because of their proximity to employees’ faces and mouths, but they are often missed when cleaning happens. To maintain a sanitary workspace, phones should be disinfected routinely.
  • Ceiling fans and vents: High above everyone’s heads, ceiling fans or heating and air conditioning vents are commonly forgotten about. These places generate a lot dust, and if left unclean, they can spread dust and germs through the air. This can potentially affect employees’ or customers’ allergies or spread illnesses.
  • Light fixtures: Similarly, the tops of light fixtures are also missed because they are not often seen. Dust builds up and should be wiped down regularly to prevent the spread of dust and allergens.
  • Doorknobs: Doorknobs are touched by office workers constantly, and can host a variety of bacteria from people’s hands. Make sure to wipe and disinfect every doorknob, especially those in and near bathrooms and kitchen areas.

You want your office space to stay as clean and healthy for your employees and customers as possible. Even if you or your employees clean the office regularly, you might be missing some areas that accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Hire a cleaning service in Tampa, FL to make sure that all of the spaces in your office are spotless.

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