Keep Schools Clean! Key Areas Targeted by a Commercial Cleaning Service in Tampa, FL

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It’s important to keep schools clean for the health and wellbeing of students and teachers. And since kids are kids, it’s important that schools are cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses—especially during the cold and flu season. Ready to create a healthier school environment? Here are a few key areas a commercial cleaning service in Tampa, FL will focus on as they make their way through a school.

School bathrooms

Ever been in a school bathroom and wondered what the heck happened in there? From elementary schools to college campuses, it’s as though the shared bathrooms were constructed for hosing out. But you don’t want that for your school. The walls, floors, partitions, sinks, urinals and toilets need proper disinfecting, and maybe even the occasional power washing, to remove harmful germs and bacteria from their surfaces. Regular maintenance is a must, but it’s a good idea to schedule a cleaning crew to come in and do a thorough scrubbing of all the school’s bathrooms during longer instructional breaks. When the students return after a break, they will have sanitized restrooms to use.

Classroom flooring

Whether carpet or hardwood flooring, classroom floors need constant cleanings. For one thing, small children sit, sleep, play and roll around on classroom carpeting everyday, and carpet fibers are notorious for harboring unhealthy particles like dust and mold. Additionally, the kids bring to school germs and bacteria from home on their clothes, so particles like pet dander and fur and pollen get transferred to school carpets—not to mention little kid drool and other bodily fluids. Hardwood or other hard surfaces can accumulate dirt that gets ground in over time, which leads to floor staining, even damage. Plus, it’s unsightly.

Clean classroom flooring contributes to the health of students and staff. When carpet is properly cleaned, the indoor air quality improves, thus reducing allergy and asthma symptoms. Make sure professional carpet cleaning is in your school’s budget!

Classroom doors, windows and lighting

If you work at a school, then you don’t need to imagine how gross the classroom doors are. Because everyday you watch as students sneeze into their bare hands, leave the bathroom having not washed their hands and grab other surfaces before opening doors—many schools are gigantic Petri dishes! So, although your use of disinfectant wipes on doors and doorknobs is a valiant effort, a professional cleaner can remove those door germs using a solution made specifically for such dirty jobs.

Also, classroom windows and lighting tend to get dirty fast. If window glass and light fixtures are cloudy or covered in dust, then students will have a hard time seeing their papers and the whiteboard. Windows that are cleaned on a regular basis allow the natural light to pour in, which helps students concentrate, and good classroom lighting is also necessary for learning.

Looking for an experienced commercial cleaning service in Tampa, FL to maintain the cleanliness of your school? If so, don’t hesitate to contact the professional commercial cleaners at A-1 Maid Service, Inc. with questions or to set up services!

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